Learn Spanish in Latin America
Travel Your Way to Fluency in....
 Chile (Santiago)
Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Peru (Cusco)

Santiago, Chile

Barrio: Bellavista

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Barrio:  Palermo

Cusco, Peru

Barrio:  Centro
Intensive Spanish Course
Carefully designed for your learning success:
  • Small Group Classes  Learn the language at top Spanish schools in Argentina, Chile, and Peru.  Classes are small (max 8 students) for lots of conversation practice. 
  • Private Online Flex Lessons  We help you with your unique needs thru private sessions before, during, or after your program.
  • Level Progression  Earn a certificate upgrade every four weeks (average) up to N-10  (Most students are satisfied at N-7.)
  • Extra Flexibility  "What if life gets in the way?"  No problem.  You can pause your program and weeks never expire

FREE "School-Hopping"

Stay at one location or visit multiple schools for a multi-cultural learning experience.

Program Structure

Each module (course) advances you one Spanish level and consists of:

  • Three Weeks Spanish Immersion:  Small group classes at any Ecela school(s) 
  • 10 Online Flex Lessons (Private):  Private tutoring before, during, or after your trip
  • Enter at Any Level  Join us as a total beginner or with lots of prior Spanish
  • FREE School Hopping:   No extra charge for combining destinations (Standard-Multi membership)
  • ​FREE Pauses:  Complete your program on one trip or break it up into many mini-adventures
  • No Expiration Date  Complete your program at your pace, no worries if you need an extended pause
  • Guaranteed Results  Free additional tutoring if you do not reach your target level

Certificate:  At the conclusion of your program you will receive a formal certificate (digital) to verify your achievement for LinkedIn and other job sites and applications. 
(Certification is not included with 'Audit' option)

"For the first time in my life I woke up looking forward to class...and dreaded days off."
Certification Levels
Spanish Levels N-1 Thru N-10
Ecela certificates work with LinkedIn and school/job applications
Each course advances you one Nivel (level).
Students with prior Spanish experience can start at the appropriate level.


Principiante I (N-1) Able to have basic conversations when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.
Principiante II (N-2)  Know how to describe aspects of your past and surroundings in simple terms.


Intermedio I (N-3) Able to describe experiences and aspirations as well as briefly justify your opinions or explain your plans.
Intermedio II (N-4) Can understand the main ideas of complex texts whether they are about concrete or abstract topics


Avanzado I (N-5)  Can interact with native speakers with some fluency and spontaneity, communicating using a wide range of vocabulary.
Avanzado II (N-6)  Able to understand a wide variety of long and demanding texts as well as recognize their implicit meanings.


Superior I (N-7) Can produce clear, well-structured, and detailed texts about complex topics
Superior II (N-8)  Can express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, with no syntactical errors in his/her written or spoken production.


Dominio (N-9) Has communicative competence approaching that of a native speaker.
Maestría (N-10) Know how to navigate difficulties with enough discretion that the other person barely notices.
Beyond the Classroom:
Activities & Excursions
Your experience goes far beyond language classes and includes a full calendar of cultural and social activities.
Bastiaan Baeten (Holland):
"I really like the activities that Ecela offers..nice variety and a great way to get to know fellow students and the local way of life."
Outside of class:
  • Barrio Visits Get to know the local area below the surface with tours of non-tourist barrios.
  • Bond With Students and Staff  Spend time with students not in your class and be with teachers in another setting
  • Acquire New Skills   Learn to prepare empanadas, dance Salsa or Tango, practice local artisan customs
School after-class activities and weekend excursions let you experience more than just language classes.
"Who Else Learns Spanish at Ecela?"
Total students: 22,500+ since 2001 
Most Represented Countries:
1. United States
2. Germany
3. Brazil
4. Switzerland
5. United Kingdom
6. Australia
7. Sweden
Median Age: 27
Note: 20% are 55+
Spanish Level: About half join us as Beginners, others are advanced already
Student Reviews
Spanish Learners of All Ages & Backgrounds Welcome.
"We have witnessed thousands of students reach Spanish fluency, including many who never thought they could."

"Who Else Wants to Learn Spanish in Latin America?"

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"It's just my first day and I'm learning a lot of Spanish. I'm a beginner but it's fantastic."
Jessy (Belgium)
"I chose Ecela because of recommendations. Teachers have been great, really helpful."
Andrew (England)
"I've studied with Ecela each of the last three years. I have enjoyed myself very much."
Douglas (Canada)
"Living and studying in a country where you speak Spanish all day long is really cool."
Talwalker Family (Connecticutt)
"I'm from Japan. Here in Argentina I can learn Spanish and experience new things and visit lots of places."
Masafumi (Japan)
"The classes are very small, so you'll learn a lot. There's always something going on. Lots of going out."
Marge (Holland)
I'm a student in Viña del Mar. It is important to learn languages for social skills and to meet people."
Iris (Germany)
"The people here are like family. We go out together, we learn Spanish together, everything. Best friends."
LaToya (Florida)
Pricing & Dates

Standard (Group) or Executive (Private)

NOTE:  Highest levels (N-7, N-8, N-9, N-10) are only available as a private course

Each Course Includes:

  • Free "School-Hopping"  Stay at one location or combine cities for a multi-culture Spanish learning experience
  • Extra Flexibility  Free program pauses and your course weeks never expire
  • Certificate of Completion   Digitally verifiable (suitable for LinkedIn) record of achievement
Small group classes
  • Two Standard Courses
  • 8 Weeks In-Country Group Classes
  • Multi-School Option
Private classes
  • Two Executive Courses
  • 8 Weeks In-Country Private Classes
  • Multi-School Option
*  A one-time new student setup fee of $150 covers your registration fees at all schools.
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