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[Student Spotlights] Learning Spanish in Chile, Argentina, or Peru
"Since 2001 we have helped thousands of students get fluent in Spanish, including many who never thought they could."
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"It's really been like coming home. All the people and students feel like a family."
"It's nice to meet students from all over the world...It's going to be a very unforgettable experience"
"I've wanted to learn Spanish for years. This has been one of the most positive experiences I've ever had."
"Come with an open mind and be eager to make friends and just enjoy Chile!"
"I came to Santiago to learn Spanish so I can communicate better with my clients."
"I came here knowing zero Spanish. Now I can actually listen and understand about 50 percent."
"I really like Spanish, and that's why I've been studying it for many years."
"In class we talk about really cool and interesting issues that are happening in the country."
"What I've had so far for Peruvian cooking has been very good."
"I'm from Brazil and am here to learn Spanish to be able to work with people from all over Latin America."
"I've loved everything about it...the teachers, the school, everything. Everyone's been really awesome."
"We understand a lot more than we did when we came here,  We look forward to coming back next year."
"This is the longest time I've been away from home, and now I can't imagine being anywhere else."
"We get to study in small groups with everyone that's on a similar level so it's not a struggle."
"My favorite class is conversation because we get to practice a lot and use what we learn."
"It was very interesting for me to get to experience different places."
"I was with Ecela in Buenos Aires for three months and had a great time. I recommend it."
"It's my first time traveling by myself and in South America at all."
"I loved Santiago and the structure of the program. Here you are treated very well."
"When I first came I had absolutely no idea how to speak Spanish, now I understand conversations."
"When I arrived here I realized the people are so nice. The culture is very different."
"It's really good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I've changed a lot personally."
"I am leaving this experience as a whole new person. It was a great, great learning experience."
"I learned so much more than I would back home in Australia because here it's all in Spanish."
"My Spanish has definitely improved. I was able to get one-on-one attention during class."
"I've really enjoyed my four weeks. All the teachers are very friendly and competent."
"Apart from tourist stuff, I've had the opportunity to do a lot of things that locals do."
"I love to learn other languages and being able to communicate with the people."
"I didn't know what to expect, but it has turned out far better than I could have hoped for."
"They made me feel so comfortable and took me around the city on my first day."
"I love the classes because we talk all the time and I've never had in the classroom."
"Don't be scared. It's not for everybody but it's very wonderful."
"Everything is great - the teachers, the classes, the environment of the school."
"I became close with so many other students, and even more so, the staff and teachers."
"I have nothing but good things to say about the program. It was a big help for me."
"First day here I made so many new friends. They made it a very welcoming experience."
"It's been really wonderful staying in the city and learning my way around here."
"After classes we go out do something in the city, so it's a balance between both."
"The classes were small and had the perfect blend of grammar and conversation."
"Ecela really helps me by giving me space and time to learn."
"It's been really amazing. My Spanish has improved immensely."
"I have absolutely loved it here. The teachers take the time to get to know you personally."
"I've had an amazing time here and I'd do it again one hundred percent. It's been fantastic."
"The Spanish classes are small so you get lots of one-on-one time with patient teachers."
"This is a really good school. The teachers are trained well. I really recommend coming here."
"Classes are very small and comfortable, an experience you never get in a big university."
"I came here to get to the point where I could speak Spanish more rapidly and more comfortably."
"In the future I think I will be able to speak with my patients in Spanish."
"The classroom is one thing, and then using it on the streets is a whole new level."
"I basically didn't know anything before, now I feel like I can hold a conversation and get around."
"I just want to thank all the teachers and the directors at the school."
"I learned Spanish for two weeks in Viña del Mar, and now in Mendoza. It's been great."
"I've learned a lot of Spanish and, most importantly, about a culture I originally knew nothing about."
"We talk and laugh a lot in class, but at the same time you learn lots of Spanish."
"I learned very fast and every lesson was very different. I would do it every time again."
"The quality of instruction was great, and I felt like I was at home."
"Santiago is a great place to live and to learn Spanish. There's a lot of fun to be had."
"I learned a ton of Spanish every single day and I could definitely tell the difference."
"Before I couldn't speak any Spanish, just 'hola' - the school is a wonderful experience."
"It's just my first day and I'm learning a lot of Spanish. I'm a beginner but it's fantastic."
"I've made a lot of friends here. We go out on the town, we explore the city and surrounding parts."
"They've made me feel welcome from the very first moment. You feel improvement from day one."
"What I like most about the classes is they are very small so you feel very comfortable asking questions."
"Studying Spanish here is a whole lot better than taking a class at the university."
"I like the day trips where we could really practice our Spanish with locals."
"The teachers are great and use only Spanish, so you will improve very quickly."
"My experience has been really great and I wish I could stay longer."
"I love all the activities and there are lots of great people to meet."
"I would tell future students not to be afraid and to go out and see the city."
"Before the classes I read the newspaper to prepare to discuss the economic and social issues."
"This program had a unique combination of Spanish classes and shadowing opportunities."
"I chose Chile because it seems like one of the most fascinating countries in the world."
"I couldn't speak much Spanish before, but now it's vastly improved."
"My experience was incredible. The teachers are so welcoming and the classes are always comfortable."
"The teachers are very good at responding to individual requirements."
"The school in Buenos Aires is really organized and it's easy to get to know people."
"I've studied with Ecela each of the last three years. I have enjoyed myself very much."
"Santiago is a great city. There's never a time that you will be bored here."
"There's no substitute for being immersed in a language and culture."
"The teachers are very professional. They can teach at any level."
"This has been incredible. I don't think I'd trade it for anything in the whole world."
"I've learned a phenomenal amount of Spanish and made so many great new friends."
"At Ecela everyone becomes friends almost immediately. We all go out after class and we support each other."
"It's like my other home now. I wish I could be here forever. I love it here.  It's the best ever."
"The professors are fantastic. They are interesting, want to help you, and are very knowledgeable."
"I came to Ecela barely knowing Spanish, now I'm speaking it much more fluently."
"It's a great group of people. All the professors are really kind and patient, which is necessary for me."
"Having a communication course and a grammar course, it's perfect. I'm really going to miss it."
"I particularly like the fact that there are students of all ages, from around the world...the school itself is a community."
"I'm excited because I'm learning a lot of Spanish and love the Latin American scenery."
"The classes are very small, so you'll learn a lot. There's always something going on. Lots of going out."
"I'm so glad I came. My Spanish speaking and listening skills have improved so much."
"I've been to four different Ecelas. You'll love the schools and everything about it. That much I guarantee."
"What I really like is that we don't just learn Spanish, we do a lot of activities as well."
"The organization and the people that work here are incredible. I'm heartbroken about leaving."
"There's lots of talking throughout the class, which I find extremely helpful."
"There is a family feeling of connection, love and caring that is unsurpassed by any school."
"Living and studying in a country where you speak Spanish all day long is really cool. "
"I feel very good. I'm adapted. It's all calm for me. I feel at home. "
"I had never really left Texas before, but I'm really happy that I decided to do this trip."
"The professors become part of your life because you share so much. This place has a wonderful 'buena onda'
"It's very easy to make friends and more enriching than just travelling on your own."
"The classes have been difficult and have really challenged us but we've learned a lot."
"Learning Spanish is fun for me.  It's useful when you travel and useful for the brain." 
"The classes are super nice and in one week I have already learned a lot of Spanish."
"I came to Chile not knowing anything about the country, but I've had a phenomenal time here."
"I've studied here for five months... the coolest thing about the school is the dynamics in the classroom."
"I was pleasantly surprised to find such a warm community. I've made some lifelong friends." 
"Here you always show interest in us as persons.  That's why I'm so very, very, very grateful."
"We were on a family vacation in Chile, and then we decided to stay here to learn Spanish."
"Before I came I didn't know a word of Spanish, and, yeah,  I've really learned a lot here."
"I really enjoyed the other students.  This is a place where you can feel relaxed and at home."
"The teachers want to teach you and also talk to you and learn about where you're from."
"I'm studying Spanish here at Ecela Santiago and next I'm going to Cusco, Peru."
"I've learned a lot of Spanish in the day and had a lot of activities in the afternoon and at night.
"I've met many people here and can't stress enough how organized and attentive the teachers are."
"I find it really interesting when a person can think and speak in two languages.  That's my goal."
"I did three weeks at Ecela Viña del Mar and now I'm in Buenos Aires for 7 or 8 more."
"Everyone was so have to learn Spanish, and you do, because you are immersed."
"When I"m here I learn Spanish and so much more about the culture of Latin America."
"Now I'm going to Patagonia to practice my Spanish. I've learned a lot and the students were very kind."
"The teachers are really cool, really adorable.  They do everything possible to help you."
"We had grammar classes and conversation classes were super fun and I recommend a lot."
"I'm from Japan.  Here in Argentina I can learn Spanish and experience new things and visit lots of places.
"The school is excellent.  The staff does a lot of activities with us.  I enjoy it very much.
"I love the teachers as much as I love the other students.  We have a great time together."
"I am learning Spanish to travel around South America and maybe even live in Chile."
"I have never met in my entire life, here or anywhere else, so many amazing people."
"I love the classes because they're small.  My ability to speak Spanish fluently has definitely increased."
"I want to learn Spanish because I want to help more people. This is my first time out of the USA by myself."
"I highly recommend a homestay so you can get the culture as well as learn Spanish."
"The school has been very inviting and it's easy for us to get around and talk to people."
"This is my second time learning Spanish at Ecela and I've had such great experiences at both."
"I was even able to travel by myself by bus to Cusco, something I never thought I could do.
"After classes we always have different things to do, like going to the outskirts of the city."
"I really like the language and would like to learn more to travel in other South American countries." 
"We've been friends for 30 years.  She asked if I wanted to go to Chile and I said 'Why not?'"
"The school has a friendly atmosphere.  We don't just do classes and homework, but go out at night together too."
"The teachers are the best I've ever had.  All of them.  We even get the best coffee and cookies."
"I chose Ecela specifically because my Spanish is advanced and they have classes for my level."
"My experience at Ecela has been great.   I like the teachers, they are really professional."
"One of the things I like most is the art.  In Chile there is a rich culture and colors everywhere."
"I came without a word of Spanish, but now I know enough to tell some bad jokes."
"This is a personal challenge for me.  I've never learned Spanish, and this is the start of my journey."
"What I really like is that the teachers are our friends, so it's not like a traditional school."
"At first I couldn't even introduce myself in Spanish. Now I think I speak really well."
"When I heard about this program in Peru I was like 'I have to do this'"
"The school is almost like your family. It's small enough so all the teachers know you by name. "
"I can now make myself understood in simple and even more difficult and complete situations."
"I came here with essentially no Spanish and I'm leaving confident in my language skills."
"The teachers are very understanding and helpful, and they've also taught us a lot about the history of Argentina."
"I really like how welcome they make you feel here and how we do lots of activities." 
"I couldn't speak any Spanish when I got here, and I can now do all the tenses... it's a fantastic experience."
"People are absolutely professional... the staff and teachers treated us perfectly, taught us well."
"The other students have been enormous fun. We've gone out a lot and I haven't done much sleeping." 
"I had no idea what to expect and was nervous, but the people were so welcoming and so nice."
"I'm very happy because I can now speak in Spanish with friends. I also love the food of Latin America."
"I've been learning Spanish for decades. But here I've learned very quickly, and I love the staff and teachers." 
"We are so impressed with the school, the culture, the professors. It's gone beyond our expectations."
"In England I spent 5 years learning Spanish, but I've learned more here since it's so intensive."
"I can now speak Spanish without embarrassment, which is so important if you want to learn fast."
"I never thought I'd actually like learning a new language as much as I've enjoyed this."
"It's an incredible place.  The teachers are excellent and the organized trips are exceptional."
"I'm learning Spanish and have also listened to a lot of Latin music and learned to dance."
"I love the school and really feel like I can finally converse in Spanish.  I recommend it to everybody."
"All the teachers are well prepared to teach and to explain.  The school has a very good structure."
"I've had a really good experience.  You get to meet a lot of people from different countries."
"It's a wonderful course.  I've learned a lot...There is a lot of culture, beautiful old buildings and parks."
"My Spanish improved more than any class in school.  The teachers are enthusiastic and engaged."
"It's very much like a family.  You get to live with the people around here and understand the culture."
"There are lots of activities...great for interacting with the teachers and other students."
"I tried to learn Spanish on my own for a while and didn't get very far. Here I'me learning very quickly."
"It's been an amazing experience to be here and learn Spanish and make such great friends."
"The people here are like family. We go out together, we learn Spanish together, everything. Best friends."
"All the instructors are awesome, really nice. The excursions went smoothly and were very beautiful."
"I'm a student at Ecela Viña del Mar. It is important to learn languages for social skills and to meet people." 
"My Spanish has improved a lot here. What I like most about the teaching is that we learn without realizing it."
"I like it here because Santiago is a very interesting city... Ecela was recommended to me by a friend."
"We are learning Spanish in Latin America. We really like the school and the boys are having fun."
"Go out and meet the people from the city. Meet locals...that's how you practice your Spanish."
"I decided to come back because I wanted to improve my Spanish and I loved going to Ecela." 
"I love being here as a student at this stage of my life. I'm very happy that I went ahead and did something different."
"I learned a lot in five weeks. Classes are very small so you learn a lot of Spanish in a short time. "
"I chose Ecela because of recommendations. Teachers have been great, really helpful."
"Before I couldn't speak any Spanish. Now I can talk to people and get around OK.  I'm impressed." 
"I got to learn a huge amount about the culture, food, and people. I'm so glad I chose this program."
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