Learn Spanish in Latin America
Chile (Santiago, Viña del Mar) - Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mendoza) - Peru (Lima, Cusco)
Student Reviews (41-60)
"I learned very fast and every lesson was very different. I would do it every time again."
Anna (Germany)
"I've been learning Spanish for decades. But here I've learned very quickly, and I love the staff and teachers."
Charlie (USA)
"I particularly like the fact that there are students of all ages, from around the world...the school itself is a community."
Nancy (Massachusetts)
"What I really like is that the teachers are our friends, so it's not like a traditional school."
Diogo & Caetano (Brazil)
"I'm excited because I'm learning a lot of Spanish and love the Latin American scenery."
Bella (Sweden)
"This is my second time learning Spanish at Ecela and I've had such great experiences at both."
Greg (USA)
"I love being here as a student at this stage of my life. I'm very happy that I went ahead and did something different."
Danny (New York)
"I'm very happy because I can now speak in Spanish with friends. I also love the food of Latin America."
Julia (Germany)
"My experience has been really great and I wish I could stay longer."
Nia (Georgia)
"I was pleasantly surprised to find such a warm community. I've made some lifelong friends."
Lee Ann (Ohio)
"I've loved everything about it...the teachers, the school, everything. Everyone's been really awesome."
Marlana (Califonria)
"Before the classes I read the newspaper to prepare to discuss the economic and social issues."
Evan (Canada)
"I really like the language and would like to learn more to travel in other South American countries."
Joseas (Brazil)
"I did three weeks at Ecela Viña del Mar and now I'm in Buenos Aires for 7 or 8 more."
Simone (Germany)
"We've been friends for 30 years. She asked if I wanted to go to Chile and I said 'Why not?'"
Debbie & Kate (Colorado)
"Go out and meet the people from the city. Meet locals...that's how you practice your Spanish."
Cassandra (Rhode Island)
"I couldn't speak any Spanish when I got here, and I can now do all the tenses... it's a fantastic experience."
Richard (United Kingdom)
"Apart from tourist stuff, I've had the opportunity to do a lot of things that locals do."
Emily (Tennessee)
"This is a personal challenge for me. I've never learned Spanish, and this is the start of my journey."
Penelope (Mississippi)
"The quality of instruction was great, and I felt like I was at home."
Eric (Canada)

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