Learn Spanish in Latin America
Chile (Santiago, Viña del Mar) - Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mendoza) - Peru (Lima, Cusco)
Student Reviews (21-40)
"The school in Buenos Aires is really organized and it's easy to get to know people."
Linnea (Sweden)
"I love to learn other languages and being able to communicate with the people."
Lisa (New Zealand)
"I'm here to learn Spanish to be able to work with people from all over Latin America."
Fabiana (Brazil)
"I chose Chile because it seems like one of the most fascinating countries in the world."
Jack (England)
"I've studied with Ecela each of the last three years. I have enjoyed myself very much."
Douglas (Canada)
"Living and studying in a country where you speak Spanish all day long is really cool."
Talwalker Family (Connecticut)
"The teachers are the best I've ever had. All of them. We even get the best coffee and cookies."
Stephanie (Belgium)
"I came without a word of Spanish, but now I know enough to tell some bad jokes."
Luke (Switzerland)
"I've been to four different Ecelas. You'll love the schools and everything about it. That much I guarantee."
Bernie (Canada)
"The school is excellent. The staff does a lot of activities with us. I enjoy it very much."
Nadia (Egypt)
"Before I couldn't speak any Spanish. Now I can talk to people and get around OK. I'm impressed."
Kathi (Germany)
"The school is almost like your family. It's small enough so all the teachers know you by name."
Elisabeth (The Netherlands)
""It's really good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I've changed a lot personally."
Trevor (Arizona)
"I didn't know what to expect, but it has turned out far better than I could have hoped for."
Elijah (Oklahoma)
"I learned so much more than I would back home in Australia because here it's all in Spanish."
Andrew (Australia)
"I'm so glad I came. My Spanish speaking and listening skills have improved so much."
Mawiya (California)
"The teachers want to teach you and also talk to you and learn about where you're from."
Petra (Switzerland)
"The professors are fantastic. They are interesting, want to help you, and are very knowledgeable."
David (South Africa)
"I've wanted to learn Spanish for years. This has been one of the most positive experiences I've ever had."
Pat (Arizona)
"I feel very good. I'm adapted. It's all calm for me. I feel at home."
Wallace (Brazil)

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