Learn Spanish in Latin America
Chile (Santiago, Viña del Mar) - Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mendoza) - Peru (Lima, Cusco)
Student Reviews (1-20)
"It's just my first day and I'm learning a lot of Spanish. I'm a beginner but it's fantastic."
Jessy (Belgium)
"I chose Ecela because of recommendations. Teachers have been great, really helpful."
Andrew (England)
"I came to Santiago to learn Spanish so I can communicate better with my clients."
Ian (Australia)
"We understand a lot more than when we came here, We look forward to returning next year"
Chluski Family (United States)
"I'm from Japan. Here in Argentina I can learn Spanish and experience new things and visit lots of places."
Masafumi (Japan)
"The classes are very small, so you'll learn a lot. There's always something going on. Lots of going out."
Marge (Holland)
I'm a student in Viña del Mar. It is important to learn languages for social skills and to meet people."
Iris (Germany)
"The people here are like family. We go out together, we learn Spanish together, everything. Best friends."
LaToya (Florida)
"After classes we always have different things to do, like going to the outskirts of the city."
Yan (Russia)
"At first I couldn't even introduce myself in Spanish. Now I think I speak really well."
Cristine (New Caledonia)
"All the teachers are well prepared to teach and to explain. The school has a very good structure."
Juliana (Brazil)
"I never thought I'd actually like learning a new language as much as I've enjoyed this."
Tina (California)
"There's lots of talking throughout the class, which I find extremely helpful."
Michael (England)
"I like it here because Santiago is a very interesting city... Ecela was recommended to me by a friend.."
Alice (Switzerland)
"I'm learning Spanish and have also listened to a lot of Latin music and learned to dance."
Shan (Colorado)
"I learned a lot in five weeks. Classes are very small so you learn a lot of Spanish in a short time."
Niklas (Germany)
"I was even able to travel by myself by bus to Cusco, something I never thought I could do."
Rachel (North Carolina)
"Now I'm going to Patagonia to practice my Spanish. I've learned a lot and the students were very kind."
Malcolm (Australia)
"The teachers are great and use only Spanish, so you will improve very quickly."
Hilde (Germany)
"Studying Spanish here is a whole lot better than taking a class at the university."
Stephen (United States)

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