Spanish & Medicine Study Abroad
Spanish Immersion plus Medical Shadowing in Latin America   
"There is a Chronic Shortage of American Healthcare Professionals that Speak Spanish"
- IMDiversity
Spanish & Medicine Study Abroad is carefully designed to help premed/prehealth students prepare for the demographic realities of American healthcare:
  • Short-Term  Programs are as short as four weeks abroad to fit the unique calendars of demanding undergraduate schedules 
  • All Levels  Beginner thru Advanced Spanish-speakers are welcome and placed accordingly.  Small classes (max 8 students) keep participation stress-free
  • Custom or Group  Build your own custom itinerary or join one of our reserved group sessions, which include a tuition reduction plus special extras
  • Varied Locations  Destinations rotate between Argentina, Chile, and Peru.  Students can stay in one country or "school-hop" for a multi-cultural experience
  • AACP-Compliant Shadowing  Clinical experience is strictly observational (not hands-on) to meet American premed/prehealth ethical standards  
  • Transcript plus Certificate  A university transcript for your Spanish course(s) plus an overall program certificate suitable for LinkedIn and grad school applications
"Did you know the USA has more Spanish speakers than Spain?"
(Only Mexico has more)
What does that mean for the future of healthcare?
Are today's students prepared for America's increasingly bilingual requirements?
Students get briefed for their shadowing placements
Who is Spanish & Medicine Study Abroad for?
The program is for premed/prehealth students who want to:
  • Treat your future Spanish-speaking patients in their own language, safely and with empathy
  • Gain medical shadowing hours to add to your academic credentials
  • Proudly put "fluent in Spanish" on your job and grad school applications
You are eligible to apply if:
  • You are a future healthcare professional
  • You will have completed at least one year of college studies before the start date
  • ​You have a genuine desire to treat your future Spanish-speaking patients in their own language
  • ​You are able to spend 4 (or more) weeks far from home and away from your friends and family
Program Locations

Spanish & Medicine rotates yearly between Argentina, Chile, and Peru

We plan for the 2021 programs to take place in Viña del Mar, Chile.
In the unlikely (but possible) scenario of Covid-19 still a travel issue, we will move the sessions to Argentina or (less likely) Peru.
All locations have qualified Spanish language centers and approved shadowing facilities. 
Program Syllabus

The program includes four* weeks abroad plus pre-departure online material

  • (pre-departure)  Trip Readiness  Checklist review of travel needs and preparedness.  What to bring, necessary documentation, health concerns.  Time commitment: 3 hours
  • ​(pre-departure) Latin American Empathy & Cultural Awareness  Latin American culture and influences in USA, immigrant personal stories & debunking common misconceptions, Latin American heath care systems  Time commitment:  12 hours
  • Spanish Immersion Register for two of Beginning Spanish I, Beginning Spanish II, Intermediate Spanish I, Intermediate Spanish II, Advanced Spanish I, Advanced Spanish II, Spanish Mastery I, Spanish Mastery II  (We will help place you before program begins.)  Spans entire four week program.
  • Medical Shadowing Eight AACP-compliant observational shadowing rotations at South American private clinics and/or public hospitals.  
Certificate & Transcript

NOTE:  Certificate and transcript are not included in the "audit only" option

  • Spanish & Medicine Certificate  Details entire program.  Electronically verifiable (ready for LinkedIn and graduate school applications)
  • University Transcript Two Spanish courses.  May be applied toward undergrad degree (check with your school), graduate studies, or as a stand-alone credential
Program Schedule
Above: Boarding train for a weekend away, ready for shadowing, extra Spanish help.

First Days

Saturday PM Leave USA (you will likely have an overnight flight)
Sunday AM Pickup at airport and taken to housing Most students either live with a local hosts or in a shared student apartment
Sunday PM Explore neighborhood & meet housemates Recuperate after a long trip and get ready for Monday.
Monday AM First day of class We make sure you are situated at the appropriate Spanish level.
Monday PM Orientation lunch + city tour Most students come alone, but begin making friendships early.
Tuesday Settle into normal routine

Weekday Routine

9:00 Spanish Class Small group classes with a 20 minute break. With lots of conversation practice the time passes much faster than in a one-to-many (lecture) environment.
12:40 Lunch Most students go out for lunch at a nearby restaurant, which are usually much more affordable than what similar offerings at home.
15:00 Medical Shadowing Rotations are a few hours and focus on observing one or more healthcare professionals.  On non-shadowing days this is free time. 
18:00 Free time siesta, dinner, homework, meet up with other students, cultural activities, etc.

Group Program Special Bonuses

Can you join us for a group session?  Save $3,000 plus get: 

Bonus #1 Free Activities

(Optional) weekday cultural and social activities like learning to dance salsa or tango, cooking local foods, and touring local barrios.
Experience the local culture while befriending other students and staff.

Bonus #2 Free Excursions

Two full day weekend excursions to a regional heritage site.
Past trips include horseback riding at a gaucho ranch, hiking the Andes mountains, exploring the Pacific coast, and investigating archaeological ruins.

Bonus #3 Vacation Reward

"Almost free" (pay only taxes) 4-night hotel stay for you and up to three friends in a Spanish-speaking destination so you can practice your improved language skills.
Choices include Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA (Miami),  and Spain.  Use anytime (no expiration) after your program.

NOTE:  Special group sessions are limited to 35 students.  If you cannot make it or the program is already full, we will help you schedule a program on custom dates.   Unfortunately, we cannot include the tuition rebate or the above extra bonuses for custom dates.

Student Reviews
"How was your Spanish & Medicine experience?"
Need More Student Feedback?  Click here for Interviews & Video Spotlights
Spanish & Medicine Details
Medical Shadowing
The medical shadowing rotations are designed to give you exposure to real-world Spanish in healthcare situations AND to help develop your empathy for Latino cultures:
  • AAMC-Compliant All shadowing meets standards established by the AAMC.  Students observe interactions with patients but are not permitted to touch patients.
  • One or Several Disciplines  You have the opportunity to stick to one healthcare specialty or sample different areas.  Students work with a Spanish & Medicine advisor to customize schedules.
  • Real-World Spanish  Actual conversations with actual patients let you absorb the language in a "not watered down" scenario so you get comfortable out of the classroom
  • Make Do With Less  The clinics are often short on resources so you will see how they provide excellent care despite lacking what many American hospitals consider essential 
  • Personal Statement Material  Be sure to keep a journal so you can recall your experience in South American clinics for your essays on job and graduate applications.
Shadowing healthcare professionals in South America
Spanish Immersion 
Most students find the Spanish immersion experience very different (and more effective) than prior classes in high school or college:
  • Extra Small Classes A maximum of 7 students gives you an optimal learning environment - large enough to keep things interesting, but small enough for individual attention
  • Easy to Participate  The comfortable setting (like going to a cafe with friends) facilitates conversation, even for students that don't usually raise their hands
  • Extra Online Lessons  Your program includes follow-up private lessons to work on any individual needs and to ensure your language skills stay sharp
  • No Juggling of Classes  Your only academic class will be Spanish, so your mind will not need to waste energy switching topics several times each day
  • 360 Degrees of Spanish  The "Spanish everywhere" environment keeps you motivated since you get to try out your new language skills the very same day you learn them
  • College Credit  Get college transcript for two Spanish courses. Transcript not included in audit-only option.
Unlike most high school and college classes, our small groups finally give you the practice you need to get fluent.
Spanish Course Options

Spanish & Medicine includes TWO Spanish courses, depending on your initial level:

Beginner 1 + Beginner 2
Beginner 2 + Intermediate 1
Intermediate 1 + Intermediate 2
Intermediate 2 + Advanced 1
Advanced 1 + Advanced 2
Advanced 2 + Mastery
Mastery + Special Topic
"Lower quality of health care and worse health outcomes are more likely when language barriers exist between patients and provider"
- US National Library of Medicine
"We could look upon physicians' learning of Spanish as a type of medical intervention. As with any sound medical tool, it is designed to positively affect as many patients as possible with minimal investment of resources."
- AMA Journal of Ethics, from "Should All U.S. Physicians Speak Spanish?"
2021 Program Options

Option 1)  Private Course $8,990

Flexible dates
Private Spanish Course + Shadowing
Tuition:  $8,990

Option 2)  Group Course $5,990  

  Save $3,000 plus FREE activities, group trip, & vacation award

Reserved dates (see sessions below)
Group Spanish Course + Shadowing
Tuition:  $5,990
Special pricing (plus free extras) when you join us for one of 2021's group sessions.
Summer 1  May 23 - June 19
Summer 2  June 20 - July 17
Summer 3  July 18 - Aug 14
Summer 4  Aug 15 - Sep 11
Fall 1   Sep 12 - Oct 9
Fall 2  Oct 10 - Nov 6
Fall 3  Nov 7 - Dec 5

NOTE:  Each session is strictly limited to 25 total students.
Spanish & Medicine Online Open House (Replay)

"How to Learn Spanish & Shadow Doctors in Latin America"
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Spanish & Medicine features (clockwise from top left) small group Spanish classes, medical shadowing, cultural activities, volunteering.

Spanish & Medicine F.A.Q.
Who is Spanish & Medicine for?
It is carefully designed for pre-health students who anticipate using Spanish in their careers.
The ideal student:
+ can live without all the creature comforts of home.
+ enjoys meeting new people and is culturally curious.
+ has a desire to witness health care in action.
+ has a genuine interest in learning Spanish.
Who is the program NOT for?
You will not be happy if you:
- require hands-on practice (our shadowing is based on ethical observation, not practicing) 
- only want to participate to “stand out” on grad school and job applications
- only want the college credit and have no real interest in using Spanish
- need a high-comfort environment or are a "Debbie Downer"
Does the shadowing comply with AAMC study abroad standards?
Yes. The clinics we partner with for shadowing, as well as local health care regulations, do not allow our students to diagnose patients or to perform medical procedures. You will be observing the professionals that do.
What about housing?
Room and meals are not included in the program tuition.
You can live with a homestay or a shared student apartment.
Some students also get their own housing via AirBnB.
What is the minimum level of Spanish required?
There is no minimal level of Spanish. Our school has complete beginners all the way through people that teach Spanish themselves.
Beginning students often advance the most, yet understand the least. It will be frustrating at first, yet by the end you will be surprised at your abilities.
What’s included in the tuition?
Your Spanish & Medicine tuition includes: 
+ all Spanish instruction, including additional classes on medical Spanish
+ all course material
+ academic transcript
+ medical component (shadowing, guest lectures, field trips)
How do participants receive academic credit?
Depending on your level, you will receive a transcript from Bolivariana (South America) or Brookhaven (USA).
What additional expenses should students allow for?
You should also budget for:
>>> plane ticket to South America  Save up to $750 by purchasing a student ticket (requires student ID).
 >>> “walking around” money (lunch, snacks, entertainment etc.) about half what you pay in North America 
Option 1
Private Spanish Course + Shadowing
  • Flexible Start Date
  • 2 Spanish Courses
  • Medical Shadowing
  • + Program Certificate
  • + Credit Transcript
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • Tuition: $8,990
option 2
Group Spanish Course + Shadowing
  • Reserved Dates*
  • 2 Spanish Courses
  • Medical Shadowing
  • + Program Certificate
  • + Credit Transcript
  • + FREE Activities
  • + FREE Group Trip
  • + FREE Vacation Reward
  • Tuition: $5,990
Group Dates 2021
Save $3,000 Tuition + Free Extras
Summer 1 May 23 - June 19
Summer 2 June 20 - July 17
Summer 3 July 18 - Aug 14
Summer 4 Aug 15 - Sep 11
Fall 1 Sep 12 - Oct 9
Fall 2 Oct 10 - Nov 6
Fall 3 Nov 7 - Dec 5
Each session limited to 35 students.
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