Update: Now Accepting Applications for 2021 
Prehealth / Premed Study Abroad:
Learn Spanish & Shadow Doctors in Latin America
(for students with beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish)
Spanish & Medicine Online Open House (Replay)
"How to Learn Spanish & Shadow Doctors in Latin America"
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"Who else is ready to leave the comforts of home behind to learn Spanish, gain medical field exposure, and experience the cultures and people of Latin America?"

Spanish Immersion

Small group Spanish classes for extensive conversational practice (the crucial ingredient missing in most language courses)

Medical Shadowing

Shadow healthcare professionals in local hospitals so you can absorb the Spanish language and develop cultural empathy
Spanish & Medicine Mission  Prepare future healthcare professionals for America's demographic realities so they can help shrink the growing language gap.
Spanish & Medicine F.A.Q.
Who is Spanish & Medicine for?
It is carefully designed for pre-health students who anticipate using Spanish in their careers.
The ideal student:
+ can live without all the creature comforts of home.
+ enjoys meeting new people and is culturally curious.
+ has a desire to witness health care in action.
+ has a genuine interest in learning Spanish.
Who is the program NOT for?
You will not be happy if you:
- require hands-on practice (our shadowing is based on ethical observation, not practicing) 
- only want to participate to “stand out” on grad school and job applications
- only want the college credit and have no real interest in using Spanish
- need a high-comfort environment or are a "Debbie Downer"
Does the shadowing comply with AAMC study abroad standards?
Yes. The clinics we partner with for shadowing, as well as local health care regulations, do not allow our students to diagnose patients or to perform medical procedures. You will be observing the professionals that do.
How do participants receive academic credit?
Depending on your level, you will receive a transcript from Bolivariana (South America) or Brookhaven (USA).
What is the minimum level of Spanish required?
There is no minimal level of Spanish. Our school has complete beginners all the way through people that teach Spanish themselves.
Beginning students often advance the most, yet understand the least. It will be frustrating at first, yet by the end you will be surprised at your abilities.
What’s included in the tuition?
Your Spanish & Medicine tuition includes: 
+ all Spanish instruction, including additional classes on medical Spanish
+ all course material
+ academic transcript
+ medical component (shadowing, guest lectures, field trips)
What additional expenses should students allow for?
You should also budget for:
>>> plane ticket to South America  You can save a lot of money by searching for student tickets
 >>> “walking around” money (lunch, snacks, entertainment etc.) about half what you pay in North America 
>>> optional school activities. Excursions are optional and you pay only for the ones you want. Usually they are inexpensive – for example, the cooking class everyone puts in a few dollars (and then gets to eat the food anyway)
"The USA has more Spanish speakers than Spain, yet the shortage of doctors with competent language skills continues to grow. Let's reverse that trend."
Patricia Silva
Spanish & Medicine Program Director
Unos estudiantes...
Participants reflect on their experience...

Need More Student Feedback?  Muchos más estudiantes at the Interviews & Video Gallery

Important:  Covid-19 Situation Update

2021 options include Summer (3 start date options), Jan Term, and Gap Year (fall).
Exact tuition and dates TBD.  

At this time we are assuming 2021 programs will operate as scheduled.
However, students do not need to commit (confirm program) until we are certain travel restrictions will be lifted and hospitals will permit shadowing.
Note:  Study abroad experts predict higher than usual demands for 2021, as many 2020 students have postponed their programs.
Because of higher than usual demand, early planning is more crucial than ever.
If you are seriously considering joining us next year, we recommend:
Step 1 )  Go ahead and begin the application now.  
Step 2)  If accepted, "soft hold" your space until we have more certainty.
By following the above two steps you can reserve a spot without committing.
No confirmation (or payment) is necessary until dates are official.

Estimated 2021 Tuition:  $5,970 (six week session)

Contact Program Assistant, Carolina Bustamante, at carolina.bustamante@ecelaspanish.com